Pumping Iron with Mumma

Mr.Mumma watching as the students play pickle ball.

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

‘’Coming to Pine Grove and leaving Lancaster was definitely a change but I can’t wait to see what happens this year,’’ says Mr. Mumma the new gym teacher at Pine Grove Area. He grew up in and graduated from Ephrata High School, and then moved on to college at Delaware Valley University where he majored in Education. 

“Before I was a gym teacher I helped coach many different sports teams, so I became used to activities and exercising,” says Mumma. So for him, becoming a teacher was sort of like coaching a team, trying to do all he can to make all students have fun. He has always been happy with teaching gym, and he always looks forward to making sure all of his students are involved in class. He does all he can to make his gym class fun, so that sometimes it will lead to new friendships amongst the students. “It will be good to stay up and about instead of sitting in a class all day,” says Mumma.

Mr. Mumma is also excited to see what will happen this year because he will be teaching gym and Driver’s Education. While he teaches gym he also has certain periods of the day that he teaches students the rules of the road.