Gridiron Trophy Returns

Coach Gaffney leads his varsity football team out to play Tri-Valley for the Gridiron Trophy.

Abbi Wolfe, Emily Kopinetz, and Rachel Sarge

“It was a good feeling since we haven’t won it in four years. We took pride in getting the trophy back.” States former alternate captain, Keith Koppenhaver, after winning the Gridiron Bowl trophy. The Gridiron Bowl trophy was originally started in 2008 by both Pine Grove Area  and Tri-Valley Booster Clubs. Since 2008, Pine Grove has won the trophy six times and Tri-Valley has also won it six times. During the last four year, Tri-Valley has won the coveted trophy for the past four seasons, until this year when Pine Grove won the trophy back in a 35-7 victory over Tri-Valley. 

    “We want to go further and advance our game by winning leagues and making some kind of postseason.” States Keith Koppenhaver. The trophy is going to stay in the trophy case till next year until we play for it again. The athletic director, Mr.Dimon states, “ It’s very nice to have the trophy back in Pine Grove.” The football players are proud as well to have the trophy back in town. Freshman QB Mason Kroh states, “I was nervous but the older players helped me to feel more comfortable and less stressed while playing.” Another varsity football player, Ayden Ney states, “It was exciting to win the trophy back. This was a big deal to me and the team because our old head coach Jeff Sampson moved to Tri-Valley to be apart of a better team and beating his team made our nights.”

   This trophy means a lot to Pine Grove and Tri-Valley. Next year will be the big game to see who wins the tie since each team has won it six times each.