Friday Nights

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

  “Friday nights are the start of the weekend, so most teens go to football games and sit in the student section cheering on their home team,” says Kelsey Hindman.   After the game, students might go hang out, go for food, or do a lot more. Well, that’s what I do, but I sit at the other end of the bleachers playing with the band. Each game is different, we watch our football team take on the field and we play our instruments to cheer them on. Every performance is different to the next, because every week we get better and better when playing our show. 

   After football games we pack up and most of us go our own ways for the weekend, but after home games most of us band members go for food or go home. Most Fridays I go home since I usually feel tired and don’t want to go anywhere. Although, the last few Fridays I went somewhere with friends, which in all reality is better than sitting at home. 

    Almost everyone spends their Friday nights different but I spend mine at band, and I’ve learned more about football every week. Each week I go from watching fans getting mad over calls to watching some of the guys “dance” while we play. I wouldn’t trade the band for anything, even the cold nights that make my instrument start to freeze are worth it. We may not play the whole game but we are still always involved. Band may seem like nothing to some but it’s a big part of our school that keeps enlightening me every Friday night.