People Are What They Wear

Elektra Mease, Staffer

At the Pine Grove Area School District, we don’t have to wear uniforms, unlike some schools in our county. We have rules like no holes above the knee, no short shorts, no crop tops, etc. Some students don’t follow the rules due to their lack of knowledge of Dress Code, not knowing what’s “too short,” and just not caring in general.


Letting students wear what they want shows everyone else what they are like. Like wearing merchandise can show what people are into and what hobbies they like. It also shows if they could potentially be a new friend to someone.Some people don’t like to wear anything but hoodies and if they were to be forced to not wear them, they wouldn’t be too happy. Different people wear different things. It shows a person’s personality.


If we were to wear uniforms, that would show nothing about what the person is like-plain and bland. Yes, it would make the overall appearance of the student  look somewhat better, but the kids within the school would most likely not like it, so I don’t think the school should have uniforms.