Annual Halloween Parade

Kayla Massey, Staffer

The annual Pine Grove Halloween parade started of as a chilly Saturday Fall night. There was hundreds of people standing out in the cold to watch as the floats go by.  Slowly after it hit 7o’ clock the floats started coming in. “ I love our Halloween Parade. We are able to show the quality of the band to the community who cannot come to the football games,” said Ken Gibson, PGAHS Band Director.   Gibson went on to say, “They are very positive. I have always felt our community and audience likes to be entertained and that is what our band does, always a positive response from our community.”. 


The parade participants consisted of not only floats but also performers.  Some of the floats included the cheerleaders with the SPCA, both girls and boys soccer, volleyball, Pine Grove Area High School Band and Shenandoah High School Band. 


“ What I like most about being in the parade is seeing everybody smiling faces as we come through town,” said band member Salena Lewis . Harlee Neidlinger agreed, “ I like feeling part of a group and marching through town because it feels like a family.”