Sweet Sweet November


Ayden Ney

Koppenhaver is taking pictures of a rainy fall day.

Ayden Ney, Staffer

Senior of the month of November, Keith Koppenhaver Jr says, “I am honored to have achieved his goal of being senior of the month.” Koppenhaver is involved in football, track and field for sports but he is also involved in many clubs. Koppenhaver says, “Being a student of the month has been a goal, but it wasn’t that big of an issue if I didn’t get it. This achievement has also completed my senior year goals.”

Koppenhaver’s grades are very important to him. Koppenhaver studies very hard and tries to stay on the distinguished honor roll. While Koppenhaver’s grades are very important, he likes to keep a balance in his extracurricular activities. Koppenhaver was a four year starter for football and has been on the track and field team for three years. “Being involved in many activities, I try to have enough time to study and do all my school work but also have enough time to have a social life and have fun,” states Koppenhaver.

Koppenhaver states, “I like taking lots of pictures, I also really enjoy taking pictures of sports. I like to take pictures outside, especially in the fall.” Koppenhaver is very involved with journalism and takes a lot of his photography within the program. Koppenhaver plans to attend a college or trade school after high school.