“Bang” Energy Drinks Explode in Pine Grove

Bang’s flavors include Peach Mango, Cotton Candy, and Blue Razz.

Hallie Wolfe, Staffer

“What makes me like Bang is that they have a very distinctive, great flavor to them and they are what I’m looking for in a drink,” says Brandon Wolff, a senior. “My favorite flavor is definitely Cherry Blade Lemonade. I started drinking them about two months ago because I used to try other energy drinks and they didn’t satisfy me. Bang has a lot of beneficial ingredients, great taste, and gives me the energized feeling that coffee can’t. I usually get them from Speedway, Turkey Hill, or anywhere that sells them. I probably have about 4 Bang Energy drinks a week.” “I like Bang energy drinks because they keep me awake,” says Morgan Lucas. “I found out about them because I see them on Instagram all the time and I knew other people had been drinking them. My favorite flavor is definitely Pina Colada and I’ve had one everyday this week.” 

Bang energy drinks are distributed by the company, Vital Pharmaceuticals, which was established in 1993 and is located in Florida.The founder, CEO, and CSO  of Vital Pharmaceuticals, or VPX, is Jack H. Owac. Bang energy drinks have 20 flavors, but the flavors that have been seen most around PGA are:  Blue Razz, Cherry Blade Lemonade, Cotton Candy,  Rainbow Unicorn, Pina Colada, and Birthday Cake Bash. All flavors are also available in a caffeine-free formulation. Bang Energy Shots, Bang Keto Coffee and Bang Sweet Tea, which all include 300mg of caffeine, are some other formulations that are available. Bang Energy’s mission statement is to make the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market, backed by scientific research. 

The only flavor of Bang that I’ve ever tried was Blue Razz. I myself am not a huge fan of energy drinks because I prefer coffee, but I was actually surprised by how good it was. In my opinion, Bang Energy Drinks are worth a try.