Home for the Holidays

Abbie Wolfe
One of the puppies available for the Home for the Holidays Program.

Abbi Wolff, Staffer

Every year, nearing the holidays the SPCA runs an event called “Home for the Holidays”. Home for the Holidays is where you agree to take an animal home during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The animals then gain a home and they are not alone during this time period. It’s upsetting to watch a dog who’s by themselves because the previous owner didn’t want them anymore, and the SPCA is encouraging people to give the animals a warm place to go so they feel wanted. When the holidays are over you do not have to keep them. You can give the animal back to the SPCA if you choose unless you do not want to keep them.

Most people who have participated in the event ended up growing a fondness and close bond towards the animal they brought home. They often choose to keep it by the time the holiday season is over. The amount of animals taken home vary from year to year. About 75% of people actually end up keeping the animal and giving them a forever home but it’s optional. According to one of the workers, Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA claims, “ If you’re looking for a trial run or to see how well your able to take care of an animal you should really consider participating because even if it doesn’t work out for you, you don’t have to keep the animal forever, it’s encouraged that you do but we understand that it’s not meant for everyone.” It’s a great event to also participate in if your looking for the extra company yourself these holidays. It gives you something to with all your time off and it’s not permanent either. Many families who come back to adopt the animal claim it is one of the best decisions they have made and it’s a great experience to try, as reported by one of the volunteers who helped out at Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA.

The SPCA runs the event every year and every year it turns out to be a success. They’re looking for new people to participate every year. It’s a great event that raises awareness. It gives the animals a chance of having a home and someone to care about them. They are always looking for families to adopt animals all year but it means more for the animals to not be alone during the holidays.