Candle Light: For Remembrance


Courtesy of Kaitlynn Koppenhaver

One of the many candles that was lit in memory of Devin Herring and Jayden Klemas.

Meghan Sarge, Social Media Editor

The Candle Lighting in remembrance of Devin Herring and Jayden Klemas was a night that will remain in history forever. Student Council did a terrific job of putting together this candle lighting for all students, family, faculty, and members of the community to come together and rejoin in love in remembrance of two men in in our community who will never be forgotten. As you came into the stadium, you had the opportunity to get a candle. Once you got your candle you were to move onto the track in a big circle. Once everyone arrived around 7 o’clock, we slowly started to move into the grass. As you moved into the grass, we created what we like to call, a pine grove circle. Our circle was just the perfect size, close enough to feel the love and warmth of others on the cold night.

We then bowed our head in the Lord’s Prayer then, turned the lights off. After the lights turned off, we began having a moment of silence. The moment of silence lasted for about 10 minutes, but it was nice and comforting. We then started lighting the candles one at a time. As your candle became lit, you passed it on to your neighbor and so on and so forth. Eventually, the circle became completely lit with love and warmth from the candles we all held. After all the candles were lit, two candles on the outside ring of the circle were lit in remembrance of Jayden and Devin. The vigil was a beautiful night and student council did an outstanding job of putting it together. The lives of Devin Herring and Jayden Klemas will be remembered forever.