Yeti or Hydro Flask?

A Yeti and a Hydro Flask.

Hallie Wolfe, Staffer

When putting a poll on Instagram to see who would rather use a Yeti, or a Hydro Flask, Yeti won. A total of 72 people voted. 72% of the people voted Yeti and 28% of people voted Hydro Flask.

“I have a Yeti and a Hydro Flask, and I think that Hydro Flasks keep drinks way colder,” says Emily Kopinetz, a Junior at Pine Grove Area High School. “I also think that Hydro Flax’s are lighter and easier to carry around.” “They seem more likely to keep your drink cold,” says Savanna Moyer, a sophomore at Pine Grove Area High School. “Yeti’s spill and Hydro Flask’s lids are more secure,” says Kailen Felty, a freshman at Pine Grove Area High School. “My friend, Tanea Frey, has a Yeti and even though it has the clasp on the lid, they still spill all the time.”

“For starters, Yeti came first, being created in 2006,” says Damion Williams, a Junior at Pine Grove Area High School.” “Yeti as a company in general, specializes in all sorts of coolers, thermoses, etc, whereas Hydro Flask is essentially just cups and some bags. Also, I really like going to Cabelas and I’ve only ever seen Yeti’s sold there.” “I think that Yetis keep drinks hotter or colder than Hydro Flasks do,” says Kamryn Stine, a senior at Pine Grove Area High School. “Yeti is more insulated compared to Hydro Flask,” says Kelsy Otto, a junior at Pine Grove Area High School. “My Yeti keeps my ice cube whole for over 12 hours. I also feel like Hydro Flask is a little overrated and is basically just popular for its name.”

I personally prefer Yeti as well. I’ve always had a Yeti and it always keeps my drinks cold or hot for long periods of time. When I got to work and it’s cold, I like to bring either hot chocolate or coffee with me, and after the two and a half hours that I’m out in the cold, my drink is always still hot. Yeti, to me, has always been an overall trustworthy brand.