Substitute Needed Today

Substitute teacher Brett Kreiser grading papers.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

Substitute teaching isn’t an easy job. Whenever there is a substitute, most students fool around in class more and give the teacher a hard time. A substitute teacher has to cover many types of  classes. Typically, sticking to one subject is not an option. Whichever class that does not have a teacher, is the class they must cover. Although, there are also good things about being a substitute. You can cover any grade you want. They don’t usually have all of the teacher’s tedious responsibilities like grading tests. Substitutes don’t have to come up with their own teaching plan, they just follow the teacher’s instructions.

Substitute teacher Mr. Kreiser is teaching Mrs. Wolfgang’s classes while she is on maternity leave. Mr. Kreiser says, “My favorite thing about substitute teaching is, it allows me to work with a wide variety of students across a wide variety of subjects.” If you like kids and like to teach, but you don’t want to do it everyday, substitute teaching may be the job for you. 

Mr. Janicelli said “Having good quality substitutes is hard to find and thankfully we have them. It really makes a difference in our school day knowing we have substitutes that we can count on to cover and run the class smoothly while the teacher is out.” With Pine Grove Area High School having an average of 6 subs a week having good quality substitutes is important for the teachers, the students, and the school.