Showdown in College Football

Artwork done by Mason Kroh.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

On Monday January 13th, Clemson and LSU faceoff in the NCAA CFPC ( College Football Playoff National Championship). Even though Clemson are the defending champs, most people are still favoring LSU to win and that’s probably because of their Heisman frontrunner, Joe Burrow, leading the team from the quarterback position. In his last game against Okolahoma, Burrow threw for 493 yards and 7 touchdowns. But Clemson is the defending champs and are on a 29 game win streak, so it’s either team’s game.

Carter Raudabaugh said, “I think LSU is going to win because they have the heisman at quarterback and the best offensive line in college football, but you also add in the fact that Clemson doesn’t have that good of a defensive line. He (Joe Burrow) should be able to sit in the pocket all game long.” LSU definitely has a good chance to win. That is a major reason why they are ranked number 1 in the nation in all of college football.

Garrett Brandt said, “I think clemson is gonna win because they are the defending champs. They also are on a 29 straight wins, continuing from last season. LSU’s Joe Burrow is inexperienced and has never been to a National Championship.” Clemson also has a chance to win because they probably have the experience and talent, just like LSU.