Military Miles Away

Picture acquired by Devyn Biggs
Dominick Sgrignoli-Carricato, his family, and his girlfriend, Devyn Biggs, family at his graduation from U.S. Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas.

Abbi Wolff, Staffer

Military families sometimes have to spend their holidays without their loved ones. The family member that is deployed or too far away may not be able to come home around the holidays, or be able to afford to go home and back. Military families do get a lot of benefits from their service but is it really worth not be able to see them, especially during the holidays? 

Having a close family member away all the time and not being able to see them when you want to would be hard, but imagine what it’s like for some families who can’t see them during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s extremely difficult for them. “It’s harder when the holidays come around. You can get used to not seeing them on birthdays and small occasions but when the holiday is bigger you really start to miss them. You know they wish they could be here,” Gabby Schmoyer, sister of a US Service Member.   Schmoyer also claims, “The hardest part during these times is trying not to think about them.” Not being able to spend time with them is sad and it’s more upsetting to know that they try their best to still remain positive about everything. They should not look at spending time with their family members and seeing them as an obligation. 

Siblings miss their siblings too. Harlee Yesonosky, the sister of Airmen Kolby Yesonosky,  says, “I cried. A lot. It’s not easy. For him being away so long it’s heartbreaking.” 

Even most couples don’t get to be with their significant other “It’s hard, but you just have to take it day by day and be there to support them because it’s really hard on them to be away from home and family, during this time of year,” says Devyn Biggs.  Devyn’s boyfriend is Airman Basic Dominic Sgrignoli-Carricato, Class of 2019. 

Samantha Howertown, mother of,  Private 1st Class Danny Howerton (2015 alumnus) says, “It is so nice to have him back but its not the same without him here to stay and sad knowing he has to leave again very soon.” Some families and friends do have the lucky opportunity of getting to see their loved one but it’s not for long at most its only for a couple days.