Vroom Vroom: Journey of Getting My First Car

Credit is to Ted Kemmerling
Lindsey Kemmerling standing next to her first car. It is a 2008 Volkswagen GTI.

Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

It’s your 16th birthday. You just left the DMV with your learner’s permit. You are elated and smiling ear from ear. Now, you need your first car.The journey seems scary and you’re not ready for your first real world decision.

Sunday, December 29, my dad, sister and I traveled to King of Prussia. We were meeting a gentleman my father had contacted via Facebook Marketplace. The car we were going to look at is a 2008 Volkswagen GTI.

The car has a silver exterior and plaid seat interior. It has an automatic transmission. It is everything I wanted. I was elated to finally see it after a week or two of looking at it. My dad test drove it and said it drove well. Both my dad and I loved it and we were ready to take it.

The seller did not ask for a deposit to hold it and we didn’t have money in hand to pay for it. Is seemed odd at first but he later explained that he did this because he knew we were serious about purchasing the car. We also did not have anyone to drive the car back. I was very excited at this point.  

My dad and I traveled back to King of Prussia on Thursday, January 2. We paid for the vehicle and got the title transferred to my dad’s name. We also got a new license plate for it. This was when I learned a lot about the process that happens at the DMV when you purchase a car. 

The next day, my father went back down to pick the car up with his friend. I was not apart of this, nor was I apart of the insurance process. I was very upset I couldn’t go with to get my car. However, I was happy it was finally coming home.  

Finally, my dad and I spoke about who would pay for what. My dad paid for the car and agreed to pay for the insurance. It was decided that I am responsible for gas, repairs and everything extra I would like for the car like a radio.

The next step in my first car journey is to get my learner’s permit. I am very excited for this journey and can’t wait to drive!