Movie Review: Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys For Life is the end of the movie series and it has been the best one yet.

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

Bad Boys For Life is a movie that came out January 17, 2020 and it has two of the funniest men as the main actors. Martin Lawrence  and Will Smith play the main characters, two detectives that have worked together for years. Martin Lawrence portrays Marcus Burnett, who is very shy and hates blood and anything to do with real detective work. His partner is portrayed by Will Smith, known as Mike Lowery, and is all about the job, but he gets himself and his partner into a dangerous situation. 

My favorite part of the movie was when they had to drop off Marcus’s grandson after promising his wife a day alone at the spa, but Marcus made Mike take the baby to her. He walked in really quietly, but she saw Mike and started screaming at him, but he ran out and screamed ”Drive, Drive’!” There were many other great and funny parts of the movie, but there were also some parts that didn’t go with the movie. For example, someone was thrown into a fire, but it didn’t fit the movie because the lady deserved to be in jail. Both of the characters were great in their own ways, so I couldn’t pick who I liked more.

Since this is the last movie of the series, they had to make it the best and it truly was. This movie has many action scenes and many parts that children under the age of 14 should not watch. Other than that, I would watch the movie again.