Vince Hoover: Pine Grove’s Newest Administrator

Vince Hoover, Director of Curriculum for Pine Grove Area School District.

Erik Dubbs, News Editor

“The goal is just to help students,” says Vince Hoover, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, “to make it a quality education that students can be proud of, something that prepares them for the next grade and the next chapter of their lives.”

Mr. Hoover was very recently added to Pine Grove Area School District’s Administration, though he has wasted no time in keeping students’ education moving forward. Mr. Hoover recently helped the school district receive a PAsmart Targeted Grant that awarded the District $35,000 towards computer science resources. These resources, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will help to “develop a highly skilled workforce able to compete in the global economy.”

While this is Mr. Hoover’s first job as a Director of Curriculum and Instruction, he has over 10 years of experience in education as an elementary/middle school teacher. His most recent position, where he spent five and a half years, was at the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit. The IU services Pine Grove in addition to 11 other school districts in Schuylkill County, so he had even been working to help residents of Pine Grove in his last position. During his time there, he reached out to hold meetings and do professional development with teachers and administrators from Pine Grove Area School District.