Vroom, Vroom: The Permit

Lindsey Kemmerling posing with her Junior Learner’s Permit.

Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

There are multiple steps to finally being a licensed driver. No matter what order you go in, the goal is to meet the same end result. I kind of went in an odd order. 

My first car was purchased back in January. At the time the article was published and written, I was missing one huge step, my permit.

I had an issue. I had a car but could not legally drive it. The car sat, and still sits, only being driven twice since it came home. The next major step was to get my permit.

On my birthday, I woke up and prepared to get my permit. I was elated and had zero worries. I had been taking practice tests on an app for months. I had no doubt I would pass. I even took a few more practice tests.

That was until I got closer to the DMV. Once I was finally there, I took a number, sat, and waited for my turn. As I sat, I grew more and more nervous. I kept taking practice tests and trying to distract myself. The stress of passing the test definitely weighed on me but I also worried I didn’t have the things I needed and wouldn’t be able to take the test. This fear grew as person after person, my mom presented me with a problem another person had.

I eventually got to take my test and passed with a perfect 15/15. It took a bit to get my permit but I got it and off we went.

I drove for the first time the next day and surprised myself that I was better than I expected. It was a bit tricky but conditions were perfect for driving.

Then came the hard part. I drove my dad’s truck at night, a truck I have never driven before, in the rain and fog. It was very tricky and I drove very slow but again, I did better than I expected and my dad helped me a lot through the natural elements.

My next step in my journey will be to get my license. I have to wait 6 months and acquire 65 hours during that time.