Lady Cards Come Back and Take Down Lady Eagles

Girls Basketball holds the third place trophy after winning against Blue Mountain Lady Eagles.

Katie Seiverling, Staffer

The Lady Cardinals played in their consolation game for third and fourth place in the Cardinal Classic. The Lady Cards played the Blue Mountain Lady Eagles. The starters were Mikaili Donmoyer, Rachael Frew, Abbie Brown, Autumn Jacoby and Alli Butler. Abbie Brown, junior starter, starts the game with winning the tip off. With 6:36 left of the first quarter Rachael Frew, senior starter, had the points of the game to make it 2-0. Blue Mountain comes back ten seconds later to tie the score, 2-2. With 3:40 left in the first quarter, Blue Mountain was given two foul shots, only making one of the foul shots, 3-2. Autumn Jacoby gets two foul shots, making only one, with 3:39 remaining in the first quarter and a tied score of 3-3. Blue Mountain was given two more foul shots, making only one. 3:09 left in the first quarter, the score was 4-3. Lady Eagles with 2:30 left come to life making a three pointer. Mikaili Donmoyer, freshmen starter, hits a three pointer for the score to be 7-6. Lady Eagles make two layups before the quarter ends to make the score 11-6.

The Lady Eagles continue with making another two points with the start of the second quarter. With 5:27 left of the quarter, the Lady Eagles were given two foul shots but only made one for the score to be 13-6. The Lady Cards were struggling to keep up on their defense against  Lady Eagles offense. With about a minute and eighteen seconds left the Lady Eagles made a layup to make the score 17-6. Ten seconds go by and Alli Butler, junior starter, have the first two points for the Lady Cards this quarter for the score to be 1:08. With only 17 seconds left of the second quarter, Donmoyer has a breakaway from half court to make two points with the quarter to end with 17-10. The third quarter was started by Frew making the first two points to make the score 17-12. The Lady Eagles come right back to make the score 19-12. Jacoby hits a three pointer with 6:19 left. Donmoyer gets the next points for the Lady Cards. With 4:04 left of the quarter the Lady Eagles had two foul shots but only made one of the two for the score to be 22-17. Brianna Betz, senior, makes both of her foul shots with 3:26 and the score 22-19. Betz also makes another two points with the score 22-21. The Lady Eagles hit a three pointer with 2:04 left and the score 24-21. With 1:17 left Brown makes both of her foul shots for the score to be tied up at 24-24. The Lady Eagles make three points before the quarter ends. The Eagles have two foul shots with 25 seconds left and with .3 seconds they hit a layup for the quarter to end at 27-24.

The fourth quarter starts with the Lady Eagles have a breakaway for a layup with 6:41 left. Donmoyer makes a layup but gets fouled and makes the shot for the score to be 29-27. Olivia Hunkapiller, senior, fights for the ball on the ground for Butler to get the ball with a breakaway. Butler makes the score 31-29 still behind the Lady Eagles. Blue Mountain misses both their foul shots but Butler comes out to tie the game 31-31. With 4:34 left Jacoby sits a three pointer from the top of the arch. As the game goes for a couple seconds Frew was fouled out. Lady Eagles make a layup for the score to be 34-33. With 30 seconds left of the fourth quarter Lady Eagles hits a three pointer. Then with only 6 seconds left Donmoyer makes two points 36-36. The Lady Eagles try to make a three pointer with 2 seconds but hits off the rim. The game goes into overtime. The overtime is only 4 minutes. Lady Eagles hit the tipoff out of bounds. Butler makes the first points of overtime making it 38-36. The Lady Eagles make two points with 3:33 left. But with 23 seconds left Jacoby has two foul shots and makes both for the Lady Cards to win third place. “I would say as a player that we as a team gave it our full potential and put together the win,” Autumn Jacoby says about the win. With the final score of Lady Cards 40 Lady Eagles 38.