Season 3 On My Block

Netflix TV show "On My Block" with characters from the show

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

Season three of On My Block came out March 11, 2020 and this season has some twists that I do and don’t understand. In season three, my favorite character is Oscar “ Spooky”  is Cesar’s older brother on the show. In season three he took matters into his own hands and he dealt with certain problems so his little brother didn’t have to. All through the show, he has been there for anyone who has needed him. He shows leadership and tells them not to worry because he will do whatever he needs to do to protect them. 

My favorite episode is the third episode because this is when Monse says how she can not stand Oscar because he is the reason that everything has gone wrong in Cesar’s life. One night while at the fair, she got drunk and Oscar took Monse and Jasmin home, but Monse started to yell at Oscar. That night she made bad choices and she ended up telling Cesar, but they worked through it and started off new. There are a lot of new plot twists that happen in this season. 

I would rate this season a 5 out of 5 because it may have started off different and unexpected.  I would also note that the creators need to make more seasons because the series can’t end in a cliff-hanger.  It also deserves a 5 because the actors are like one big family and they show that this is what actually goes on in some peoples’ lives.