Netflix Review: The Big Show’s Show

Netflix Original show The Big Show show.

Kayla Massey, Staffer

The Big Shows show came out on April 6, 2020. The show takes place in Florida, starring a former WWE wrestler named the Big Show with his 3 daughters and wife.

This sitcom was created by Josh Bycel and Jason Berger. This show is new to Netflix, so far it only has one season. In this show, the Big Show’s oldest daughter from his first marriage goes to move from being in Minnesota with her mom to live in Florida with her dad, his new wife, and 2 other daughters. The Big Show is very competitive following his career in the ring. He wants nothing but the best for his daughters. Even though in the beginning when his oldest daughter Lola first moves there, things are a little shaky, but they find a way to make everything work. 

They face some challenges along the way, but they work as a family to fix any problems they have. Sometimes the girls may have to get punished to fix the problems the sisters are having with each other. Lola’s biggest dream when she moved to Florida was to play hockey, but there were not enough girls to make an all girls team. Lola’s dad tried to talk to the coach about letting a girl on the team even though she told him not to and that she wanted to do it herself, but he was just trying to help her. She had to prove to the coach that she was good enough to play on the guys’ team. She was struggling a bit because the boys didn’t want to hit or check her because she was a girl. Lola’s dad went out on the ice to help her show the coach and the team that she was good enough to be in the team. That’s exactly what they saw after her dad allowed her to check him to prove to them that she was good enough to be on the team. My favorite part of the show is how they all love each other and they will do anything to help each other out. For the first season of this show, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 because it is funny. It had a comedy feel to it and it made me laugh. If you like WWE and comedy I would definitely recommend this to watch this show.