Making The Switch

The new view kids see everyday when going to school.

Emily Kopinetz, Staffer

Students go day-to-day getting up and going to school. They go from class to class complaining how they don’t want to be there and that they want to go home. One day it happened, everything they wanted came true. Students were dismissed from school for two weeks, per Gov. Wolff.  Soon, those two weeks turned to three, and then four, until one day they decided to shut the school down indefinitely. Now what? What about school? That’s where technology comes in. 

      There is technology surrounding us everywhere and that’s why they decided to do online schooling. Online schooling definitely has its ups and down, as everything does. It gives kids more time to adjust between classes and assignments. It gives them more time to learn one topic if they are having trouble. With online schooling, we don’t have access to our teachers’ help as fast as we normally would. We can’t ask for clarification or to make sure we understand the assignment. Making the switch from being in school to learning online was a huge change for students. 

       No one explained to us before we left what to expect. Teachers and students had to learn and adjust to the process of our new learning style. Making this adjustment was our safest option, but it was also a hard one. Yes, we are at home but we can’t go anywhere. Some people are bored and having to do work just doesn’t help. At least when we were in school, we had a change of scenery and people to talk to. Making this change has impacted our lives in a way we never thought possible.