Netflix Review: The Innocence Files

Netflix TV show “The Innocence Files” and producers.

Rachel Sarge, Staffer

On April 15, 2020 Netflix added a brand new show called “The Innocence Files”. The show consists of 1 season with 9 episodes and each episode is around an hour long. In each episode there are 3 compelling parts, the evidence, the witness, and the prosecution.

 “The Innocence Files” tells the untold personal stories behind 8 different cases of wrong convictions. An organization called the Innocence Project started to work with the Innocence Network to try and uncover and overturn each convection. These stories expose the truth about the state’s criminal justice system and it is not just one life that is destroyed forever, it’s also families and the victims of the crimes. Being accused of something that didn’t happen impacted everyone. It shows how these wrongful convictions can have an impact on what is taken seriously as a piece of evidence.

Honestly, I would give “The Innocence Files” a 5 star review and I would definitely recommend this series to a friend. The show really has a powerful impact on you and can make you realize that the tiny details matter. It goes to show that you can’t believe everything you see because it may not be the truth.