Pollen Vs. Plague

“Pollen from the White Flowering Dogwood tree being spread.”

Kolby Geesey, Staffer

Everyday people all over the world face different kinds of allergies with different symptoms. With Spring just recently rolling around new flowers, plants, and trees are beginning to bloom. This will cause people to face the symptoms of their allergies, but might be a little scarier than usual. The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and is causing much panic all over the globe. The virus has some symptoms that could be mistaken for an allergy or just a cold. This is causing people to worry and go into panic mode.

I was feeling sick for about a week and had some pretty common symptoms. These symptoms could have been traced to many things, so at first we decided to try to take care of it at home. Eventually the symptoms were getting worse, so we decided to do some internet research but it was no help. We came to the conclusion that I needed to see a doctor. My family doctor gave us an appointment the same day and luckily it was just an allergy or a sinus infection. There are plenty of blooming plants and trees in my yard and the surrounding properties. I was prescribed some antibiotics to help ease the symptoms.

During the quarantine, everyone should be staying at home and keeping their distance unless they absolutely have to go out. If we want this virus to stop spreading, people need to follow the rules.I think that people should try to stay calm and avoid panicking whenever they don’t feel 100% healthy. They should try to treat it at home unless they can’t or are extremely sick.