Video Games During Quarantined

NBA2K20 is a game played the most along with madden 20.

Jerry Warren, Staffer

Many kids are sitting at home thinking about what they’re going to do at home during this quarantine. Many of them are playing lots of video games because they are stuck in the house. Popular games like NBA 2K20 are what many people are playing during this quarantine. If you’re stuck at home just play the game that’s what can keep you from getting bored. Call of duty, NBA 2K20, and Madden 20 are tending for the highest games being played while on quarantine. But, I personally think that as a kid or teenager you’re going to be playing video games because that’s what you love to do when you’re in the house so you just want to play video games all day since there’s nothing else to do. I play video games myself and actually enjoy it because that’s what you want to do in the house and you can’t go outside. Video games have been popular over the course of years with new gaming systems and video games dropping each year, kids live to have these things in their home to play with.

It can easily make a kids day during this quarantine having you to sit in the house bored all day, so why not get a video game and play it. No School, sit at home do your school Work then play the video game after you’re done and you will be playing with your friends and you’ll be competing in video games not in person. Everyday, I go on Instagram and I see the video game called NBA 2K20 being played by lots of people having fun and competing. So the way to do it is play video games while you’re stuck at home having nothing else to do, so doing what’s going to make you happy is playing a game at home can make you unbored. Everyone is playing video games so why aren’t you.