College Unreadiness


Tessa Derr

Ben Brosius researching different college options.

Ben Brosius, Opinion Editor

With the Fall of 2019 coming closer and closer, more Seniors are becoming aware of how close their next stage of life is coming. For some, they are going straight into the workforce, and becoming an adult. For others, we are putting another extension to block us from the adult life by going into college.

College for me is very exciting, but to oppose myself, also very terrifying. College or University may not be true adult life, but it sure is close to it. It is bare independence. You get the opportunity to use your thousands-of-dollars-costing tuition to work hard, or party. This independence frightens me as I still rely on my parents to do things so that I can take naps. The independence that college promises may be scary to think about, but for most, it will hopefully develop ourselves as better human-beings.   

Another scary trait of college is the new environment that follows it. A new campus, new people, and a lot of anxiety. Most likely, not many people you know will be at the same university. To add to that, if there’s people you know, you most likely won’t see them often. As someone that never lived through dramatic change, I know this is going to kick my brain into some anxiety-filled, prehistoric fight-or-flight mode. Despite the change, it will hopefully help me change into a better person.

College is a scary thing that most of us are not ready for, but that’s what makes it so exciting.