Book Review on “Curtain” by Agatha Christie

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

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The novel Curtain is a great and I would read it again. Curtain is a novel by Agatha Christie surrounding the character of Arthur Hastings helping fellow Hercule Poirot solve crimes. The quality of the novel was great, it was an easy read, and the characters were perfect for the novel.

The novel’s plot is interesting because it’s based around a murder mystery, something atypical of daily life. Arthur tells the mystery of Hercule and how he is investigating the baffling death of a character, and the story spirals into the characters attempting to find out who did it.  The novel really keeps you at the edge of your seat because more crimes happen as the story furthers, making it a very climactic read.

Agatha Christie’s work is always something new and thrilling despite its age. Near the end of the novel, Poirot has someone pass away in his arm. This creates a fake feeling of relief in the characters as they believe the mystery is solved, but later, As Arthur and Poirot are close to the finding out the suspect, something terrible happens that opens the case back up. Although the only way to find out what really happens is, of course, to read the book yourself.

Agatha Christie had creative  story lines in this novel and made the characters come to life.   She has written many novels throughout her life, but out of all of them, Curtain is one of the best.

Four out of five feather rating.

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Four out of five feather rating.