Black Hawk lands in Cardinal Nest

Ben Brosius, Opinion Editor

Pine Grove Area High School students were greeted by a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter landing in the school’s field. The helicopter was bought by flight instructor Thomas J Luckenbach CW5 USARMY NG PAARNG (USA) from the Fort Indiantown Gap. The Black Hawk was brought for JROTC students, but all students were encouraged to view the massive machine and interact with those who fly it. The helicopter was intended as a real-life portrayal of what military life entails, and what could further come from it careerwise.

SFC Bates said, “It could bring possibilities of future careers […] Maybe there’s more work beyond the military like how to build the helicopters, the engineering behind it, working in the control towers, the ground operation,” SFC Bates continued, “there’s a lot of stuff that goes into this!” The experience was also meant to be a fun activity for students to participate in.“There’s also not many schools that get a helicopter to come visit,” SFC Bates mentioned.

From the students’ perspective, the day was an interesting experience. Sophomore John Harig said, “I think it was pretty cool. I got to see a Black Hawk fly all neat and stuff. I also got meet people from the Gap and have some fun outside.” Students also enjoyed taking photos inside of the Black Hawk and around it and communicating with those flying it.