Almost Senior Year

Kayla Massey, Staffer

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With this school year almost over, my Junior year is ending and my Senior year is soon beginning. I feel like it all went by way too fast. I feel like just yesterday I became a freshman, and now I am going into my senior year.  I am excited to be a senior but I’m also scared.

I am excited to be a senior because I get to graduate. I also will make my family proud and move on to bigger and better things and get to start focus on my life after high school.  I am looking forward to my last year because after I graduate I can go to a trade school for my dream job-to be a hairdresser. I plan on going to Empire Beauty school in Pottsville. I would like to stay within the county.  With all of these positive elements- I am also upset about graduating.

I’m gonna miss my years in high school and miss all the fun I had with my friends I made here. I’m going to miss the security of the day to day; however, even the security is nice it’s still gonna be fun to live out my dreams.