A Star is Born Breaks Hearts As Ratings Climb Higher

Erik Dubbs, Staffer

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“A Star is Born” is one of cinema’s most prized storylines, as Hollywood tells it for the fourth time this year. Differing from the 1976 remake featuring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson; Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper forge a new romance from old circumstances. This new rendition of the film takes place in the modern music world, where the booming demands of the audience need to be met, where life changing performances are just around the corner. This world is the mother of country-rock star, Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) a man from Arizona, born from an 18 year old mother who died at childbirth, and a 60 year old father. Maine was raised by his older brother for most of his life, as his parents passed away in his early childhood.

Now burdened by the pressures of the music industry, Maine turns to drugs and alcohol to mark the beginning of his career’s declination. After an unexpected night of his tour, Maine finds himself drinking at a Drag bar, where he meets Ally Campana (Lady Gaga) as she is performing on stage after her waitressing shift ends. Maine is immediately captivated by her voice and the two spend an unforgettable night together. Ally is a hard, impenetrable survivor of a hard worked life, with a voice of an angel. Maine sees her musical potential as the two spark their chemistry, and makes it his mission to push her stardom from the inside out.

Maine pressures Ally to continue to tour with him as a featured and guest singer. Ally writes his music and agrees to be by his side for the remainder of his tour, as she is falling in love with Maine as well. As Ally’s career is just beginning, Maine’s is beginning to end. Maine does everything in his power to make sure Ally is successful even if that means sacrificing his success for that purpose. Bradley Cooper, aside from co-starring; directed the film with cunning silver-screen, cinematic romance. Bringing tears to many audience member’s faces, (bring tissues!) the tragedies and memories of “A Star is Born”(2018) will mark cinematic history.

While “A Star is Born” may be a remake, the atmosphere of the movie barters an original romantic feel. The heartbreak, and sadness coinciding with love, and new experience is just so poignant and bewildering to the point of unavoidable and excruciatingly real entertainment. The way Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper exercise and construct their romance is beautiful. Although I didn’t cry in the theatre, I believe the development of love, career, and life in general within this movie, is executed so perfectly, that one couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. The reality (although questionable due to the career paths of Ally and Jackson) is so reflective upon our own lives to the point where it forces you to appreciate what you have and how long you may have it for. I was overwhelmed with a waterfall of emotion as the credits began to roll. The film gives you a situation to invest yourself in, to make you think, “This can really happen… this is how the world works.”

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, as well as the supporting cast, nailed the remake of this film. I wouldn’t change anything they’ve done. Overall, “A Star is Born” is a beautiful tragedy that everyone needs to experience for themselves.

5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟