Lady Cards Crush Spartans

Keith Koppenhaver, Associate Photo Correspondant

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The Lady Cards took on the Lady Spartans. “Playing against North Schuylkill was a bit more of a challenge because they are a good team and we are a good team. We just came prepared and wanted to win,” said senior, Olivia Lehman after their 13-2 victory over the Lady Spartans. Lehman was the starting pitcher for the Lady Cards. The Lady Spartans began batting with a hit to right field caught by senior, Casey Kershner, for the first out of the game. Lehman then hit the next batter. The next batter grounded out to Katrina Heister but the runner advanced to second base. The next batter singled to center field to score a run. Lehman then struck out the last batter to end the top of the first inning. To start batting for the Lady Cards, Kate Rittenbaugh slap bunted but was thrown out at first. Trisha Kopinetz then grounded out to second. Olivia followed with a double to right field. Amanda Schaeffer came into pinch run for for Olivia. The Lady Spartans then intentionally walked Megan Wolfe. Avery Nagle hit a shallow fly ball behind shortstop for a double and scored Schaffer and Wolfe. Maura Lehman was walked. Kamryn Stine hit a ground ball to shortstop for a single and drove in Nagle for a score. Casey Kershner ended the first inning with a ground out to short. At the end of the first inning the score Pine Grove 3 North Schuylkill 1. Olivia Lehman struck out the first three batters to start the second inning for the Lady Spartans at bat.

To start the bottom of the second inning for the Lady Cards, Autumn Behrent was walked. Rittenbaugh then grounded out to the pitcher but Behrent advanced to second. Kopinetz then hit a single to the third baseman. Izzy Turner came into pinch run for Kopinetz. Olivia then hit a fly ball behind second for a single. Behrent scores off of Olivia’s hit. Schaeffer then pinch ran for Olivia again. Schaeffer was then thrown out at second on an attempt to steal. Wolfe was then hit by a pitch. Nagle ended the inning with a fly ball to center field. Pine Grove still lead North Schuylkill 4-1. As the third inning began, Olivia started off striking out the first batter. The next batter hit single behind Rittenbaugh at short and then stole second. The next batter hit a fly ball out to Kershner in right field for the second out. Followed by a ground ball to Nagle in center field for a double and drove in a run. The Lady Cards then intentionally walked the next batter. Olivia ended the top of the second inning by striking out the last batter. The Lady Cards began to bat with a single by Maura. Maura stole second and third base. Stone followed by a single. Maura Lehman scored. Stone stole second. Kershner followed with a deep flyout to left field scoring Stine. Behrent also hit a single. Rittenbaugh hit a triple to centerfield to score Behrent. Kopinetz hit another single to short scoring Rittenbaugh. Turner pinch ran for Kopinetz and stole second. Olivia Lehman hit a double to center field scoring Turner and Schaeffer pinch ran. Schaeffer stole third. Wolfe hit a fly ball to the shortstop for an out. Nagle continued with a triple to right field scoring Schaeffer. Maura hit a single to center scoring Nagle. Stine singled out to shortstop to end the third inning with a score, Pine Grove 12 North Schuylkill 2.

As the fourth inning began, the first batter for the Lady Spartans hit a single. The next batter hit a fly ball caught by Rittenbaugh. Wolfe made the next play with a diving catch at second. Olivia ended the top of the fourth inning with a strikeout. Kershner led off the bottom of the fourth inning with a fly ball caught by the catcher. Schaeffer got walked. Rittenbaugh hit a ground ball to second for an out. Kopinetz hit a homerun over the left center fence. Olivia ended the inning with a fly ball caught in center field. The score becoming 13-2 with the Lady Cards lead. The Lady Spartans needed to score in the fifth inning. Megan Wolfe came into pitch in the top of the fifth inning. The first batter hit a deep fly ball into center for a triple. The next batter hit a ground ball back to Wolfe for the out. The next two batters were walked to load the bases up. Wolfe ended the game by striking out the last two batters for the 13-2 victory of the Lady Spartans.