Disney Bus Experience

Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

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The Pine Grove Area Cardinal Marching Band took a week trip to Florida to march in a parade in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. While many chaperones flew to Florida, band students were required to take a coach bus. The band took three busses, each with more than enough room. Some students even sat alone. The bus ride one way was 18+ hours and many stops were made so students could use the bathroom. Stops for breakfast and lunch were made as well. The bus was loud and hot. It felt very stuffy because of all the people on the bus. It was also very crowded. They had air conditioning on so it was cold at times but with all the people, it was warm at some points as well.

On the ride to Florida, I sat alone. The ride back to Pennsylvania, I sat with a friend. Sitting with a person versus sitting alone was a huge difference. When I sat alone, I was able to stretch out more and sleep a bit more comfortably. Sleeping was still not comfortable but not having the chance to stretch out made it even more difficult to sleep. Other than the lack of being able to sleep, the bus ride was not that bad. Personally, I listened to music most of the ride. It made the ride go a little faster and made it a little easier to sleep. I also know that Mr. Gibson played Disney movies on the screens that the coach busses had. And despite the uncomfortable seats, many students found a way to sleep. When asked about his experience, Dekota Collazo said, “I just slept the whole time.” A fellow band member, Elektra Mease, said, “It was good. However, the seats were uncomfortable. I did enjoy having the outlets so my phone was charged the whole time.” The outlets seemed to be a big hit as well as band students could keep their electronics charged and keep occupied.

All in all, the bus experience was not the worst and it is definitely possible to make the bus ride just as much of an experience as being in Disney.