Senior: Olivia Hunkapiller

Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

As graduation is quickly approaching, the graduating Class of 2019 is gearing up for their departure. Some students are preparing for what is next in their life, whether that be college, trade school, military or going straight to the workforce.

Olivia Hunkapiller plans to further her education and learn more about the profession she would like to do. She will be attending Penn State Schuylkill in the fall of 2019 and plans to major in Biology. She also plans to play basketball in college. “I’m excited to meet new people and make new friends,” Hunkapiller says.

As for high school, Hunkapiller is eager to graduate. However, there are a few things she will miss. “I will miss all the teachers that I’m close with and all my friends. I will also miss the sports and the girls on my team,” Hunkapiller says.