Senior Spotlight: Katie Seiverling

Arianna Dockey, Staffer

“After graduating I want to attend the Misericordia University or HACC to become a Ultrasound Technician,” says senior Katie Seiverling. Choosing a college has been hard for her because they are two great schools and they both have great programs for her. Katie says how amazing the colleges are and she wants to find the one for her. She still has some time before she needs to decide but her choice will be a good one because she knows where she belongs to further her education.

“ I am joining the medical field but I will work with women and unborn babies,” Katie decided she wanted to become a Ultrasound Technician when she had to go for an ultrasound on her heart. When she was in middle school her doctors thought she had a heart murmur and she had to get checked to make sure she was okay. That made her mind up about wanting to able to work with mothers and unborn babies. She will be able to make sure mothers and their babies are healthy.

If she only goes for 2 years of college she will get her Associates Degree, if she goes for 4 years she will get her Bachelor’s  Degree. If she furthers her education to HACC then she will only go for 2 years but if she attends Misericordia she will go for 4 years and get her Bachelor’s Degree.