Senior Spotlight: Brianna Armstead


Kayla Massey

Brianna Armstead

Kayla Massey, Staffer

Brianna Armstead plans to attend college at Temple University for Journalism. She realized her love for journalism at the end of her junior year when she was chosen to be the Feature Editor of the Cardinal Chronicle. Brianna has been apart of this school newspaper organization since freshman year, taking at least a semester of Journalism every year. “I joined journalism my freshman year because my 8th grade reading teacher told me that I was very good at writing and she thought I would enjoy the atmosphere of the class.” It wasn’t until senior year, however, that Brianna realized this is what she wanted to do with her life. She enjoys reading and writing articles about anything but loves the focused characteristics of feature story writing.

For freshman year she will be attending Temple University- Harrisburg to complete her general education requirements. She received a $3,500 grant from the University to attend this satellite campus. After freshman year, Brianna, along with any other Harrisburg campus freshmen, will be transferred to the Philadelphia Main Campus to complete their degrees. Brianna plans to obtain a four year Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

After she graduates, she plans on moving to New York to possibly start out as an editor’s assistant but she knows that will take time and she may not be able to complete that goal straight out of college, so she will continue to live with her parents working around Pine Grove and possibly in Harrisburg in a job related to her degree. She hopes any kind of experience around home will help her to obtain a higher level of power when she moves to New York. Brianna’s main goal is to become an editor of a big online publication or magazine.