Tik-Tok Vs. Vine

Kayla Massey, Staffer

Is TikTok becoming the new Vine? Back in January 24, 2013, Vine was released and shortly after became a huge hit. In 2016, Twitter, the company that owned Vine, shutdown the social network for its unavailability to make a profit. Then, 3 years later, TikTok was released and became the hot new app. Everyone began using TikTok and eventually forgot about Vine.

Vine is a video app where each video last 6 seconds long. TikTok is a similar media app used to create and share videos. The two social networks also have audio libraries to go along with each video you do.

In my personal preference I would choose TikTok over Vine any day. There are many differing opinions on which video-platform is better. For example, Brianna Armstead says “Vine is better than TikTok because it’s the OG!” While Meghan Sarge says, ‘’I like TikTok better because I think it’s more funny and you can do more dumb things with it.’’  Overall, the two social networks are basically a mirror of each other. Both are very similar in how it is pure user-created content all based around videos. For my opinion though, I would rather TikTok because it offers much more customization in the end.