Pine Grove Takes on the PSSAs

Kalynna Steely and Kaleigh Sohn

The PSSAs, which stands for Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, are a statewide assessment for middle and elementary schoolers. This year the PSSAs were held April 15th through May 1st. They consist of four days of english and literature testing and three days of mathematics testing. Fourth and eighth graders will also be taking the science PSSAs then after. The teachers have been working hard all year to prepare the students for these tests.

Since the PSSAs are a statewide assessment students are required to take, they are not graded or held against them. They are looked at as more as a way to measure a students growth and the school’s quality of education. These tests are used to seek out the kids who need extra help and to make sure they are getting the help they need. These tests also, like mentioned, help monitor how well the school is doing in helping these students within the next year when they are due for testing again.

According to Mrs. Brill, the middle school guidance counselor, “They don’t measure all the ways a student can be intelligent.” She believes the tests should be modified to better suit all the ways a student can be intelligent, such as music, art, and many more. Mrs. Brill agrees that there has to be some sort of testing to hold the school accountable, but that they should be changed in many ways to give all students a fair chance.