The Benefits of School Uniforms

Henry Andersen III, Staffer

School uniforms are the way of the future for schools across the globe. They show professionalism and also that a school is an organization and not just a place to hangout. Schools should have uniforms because it makes almost everything easier.

Schools are starting to have uniforms to make their school look professional. According to a USA Today article by Lisa Flam, only nineteen percent of public schools in 2009 reported that they were requiring students to wear school uniforms. I suggest that our school should add to that number so that our school looks more competent. The schools that have school uniforms have a lot of respect because the student body have a big role on how a school is treated. If schools are required to wear uniforms, then the school will have a lot of respect and get on a whole different level of professionalism.

Students won’t have to choose what they wear for school because the uniforms have already been chosen for them. Also, it makes getting ready for school in the morning a little bit easier for students. To add to that, teachers won’t have to worry about enforcing a dress code either. Students would be focused on their education instead of what everybody’s wearing, and would ultimately help with the school and the students.

School uniforms help students with education and make your school look really professional.