From Gym Shorts to Suits

Mr. Dunkelberger poses for the picture for the Cardinal Chronicle.

Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

“I was ready to move into more of a leadership role. It was the right time,” Mr. Dunkelberger, new assistant principal, said about his new role as Assistant Principal. Mr. Dunkelberger, or “Dunk” as many know him, was formerly the high school’s Gym and Driver’s Education teacher. “Most of the kids in the building who have had me before […] they’re not used to seeing me in the shirt and tie,” Mr. Dunkelberger said about the transition. However, his new job brings a lot of new responsibilities.  “There are a lot of responsibilities […] It keeps me busy,” he said about how he feels about the new responsibilities.

One of these responsibilities being creating new rules and enforcing them, as well as enforcing the rules already created. Some new policies introduced this year were the cell phone policy and the hall passes as well as the push to make sure students aren’t tardy. As for whether or not Mr. Dunkelberger plans on enforcing any new rules, he says, “Everything that is new or more of a focus area has already been communicated with everybody.” He also spoke about the new cell phone rule and what his hopes for that are. Mr. Dunkelberger simply says he, “hopes for more respect for the teachers.” Overall, Mr. Dunkelberger states his hopes for this year are, “just be visible and continue the process of trying to make the school a better place for everybody to learn.”