Cardinal Claim Second Place in Classic

Kaden Lengle getting ready to boot the ball down the field.

Rachel Sarge, Staffer

On Saturday August 31st, Pine Grove held the 2019 boys soccer Cardinal Classic. Pine Grove lost to Wilson after a 1-0 game during the championship game. Pine Grove Area’s head coach, Mark Wylie stated, “I’m not disappointed overall, in both games we played well, but we are still working hard to get better with each game we play. We look forward to keep improving our game.” In the first half of the second game, Pine Grove had a total of 5 shots on goal while Wilson had a total of 10 shots on goal. Within 9 minutes and 55 seconds, Wilson scores and that was the only goal of the game.  There was a total of 3 corner kicks and 2 yellow cards by Wilson’s players #11 and #22. Pine Grove had 3 goal kicks and Wilson had 2 goal kicks. Also, Pine Grove had 4 stops by the keeper #33, Kaden Lengle, including one penalty shot. Then came the second half which went very slow. Wilson had 12 shots on goal while PGA only had 6. Pine Grove had 5 goal kicks and no corner shots while Wilson has 2 goal kicks and 4 corner kicks. 

    In the first game of the Cardinal Classic, half one went slow. The score was 0-0 with a total of only 12 shots between Northern Lebanon and Pine Grove. There were 2 hand balls, both by Pine Grove and only a total of 3 corner kicks. Pine Grove had 5 goal kicks while Northern Lebanon only had 3 goal kicks. Then came the second half and within 2 minutes, a goal was scored by Pine Grove’s #3, Derrick Boyer. It goes back and forth between shots on goal until Northern Lebanon had an open shot on goal and Pine Grove’s goalie #33 Kaden Lengle  had an amazing save on goal. Then 6 minutes and 22 seconds came and a goal was scored by Pine Grove’s #21, Aaron Balmer. That’s not the end, 1 minute and 27 seconds left and another goal was scored, by Pine Grove’s #9, Ethan Hannevig. With very few time left (41 seconds), the last goal was scored by Pine Grove’s #20, Cameron Achenbach. Northern Lebanon had 4 stops by their goalkeeper while Pine Grove had 2 stops by their goalkeeper. There was also 2 corner kicks both by Pine Grove. The final score for the first game was 4-0, Pine Grove defeated Northern Lebanon.

     In the end, Pine Grove had a record of 1-1 and was defeated by Wilson but, won against Northern Lebanon. Pine Grove’s first game was won 4-0 and Pine Grove’s second game was lost 0-1 and Pine Grove was the runner up of the 2019 Cardinal Classic. Wilson was the champion of the 2019 Cardinal Classic.