Pine Grove Boys Soccer Dominates North Schuylkill

Mitchell Lesh about to boot the ball for a potential shot on goal.

Rachel Sarge, Staffer

  “I thought we played really well. We were unfortunate with the incident on the sideline but we regrouped after that. We did what we had to do and held onto the game after that and changed what we were doing. I was happy with the result tonight and look forward to monday night.” stated the head coach Mark Wylie. Thursday night, Pine Grove’s boys soccer played North Schuylkill with a victory of 7-0. Pine Grove had a total of 34 shots on goal in the first half while North Schuylkill only had 9. Pine Grove’s #11 Mitchell Lesh had a total of 3 goals in the first half of the game and Pine Grove’s #15 Gary Townsend had scored 1 goal. There was 2 red cards by Pine Grove’s #15 Gary Townsend and North Schuylkill’s #8. This happened with 6 minutes and 30 seconds left of the first half when punches were thrown on the sideline. There were 6 stops by North Schuylkill’s goalkeeper and only 1 stop by Pine Grove’s goalkeeper. Pine Grove had possession of the ball most of the game. Pine Grove had 3 corner kicks and 3 direct kicks while North Schuylkill had 4 corner kicks and 6 direct kicks. There were 3 penalty kicks taken by Pine Grove and on the last penalty shot in the first half with 34 seconds to go, Mitchell Lesh, #11, scored. At the end of the first half, Pine Grove was winning 4-0.

     In the second half of the game, there wasn’t as much action as there was in the first. The Cardinals had their first shot on goal at 39:17 left in the second half but was high of the goal. North Schuylkill had a goal kick allowing them to take the ball to Pine Grove’s end of the field and getting to have a direct kick at 37:33 left. North Schuylkill didn’t get anything out of the kick, Pine Grove steals the ball and #11 Mitchell Lesh scores the first goal of the second half at 35:26. Pine Grove didn’t give up after the first goal of the second half putting the score at 5-0. Pine Grove continued to play their game and at 34:49 #11 Mitchell Lesh scored another goal. After the second goal scored in the second half, Pine Grove started getting more aggressive and ended up letting North Schuylkill get a direct kick at 32:34. Collin Sohn #6 for Pine Grove scores his first goal of the night at 14:54, leading Pine Grove 7-0. In the second half North Schuylkill had a total of 4 shots on goal while Pine Grove had 26. Pine Grove played a successful second half.

   In the end, Pine Grove won 7-0 against North Schuylkill. Pine Grove’s #11 Mitchell Lesh had 5 goals and Gary Townsend #15 had 1 goal followed by Collin Sohn #6 having the last goal.