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Hannah Reiter
Name: Hannah Reiter

Position: Staffer

Class Level: Senior

Age: 17

Family: My brother, Luke, just graduated high school and is now in college but I currently live with my mom and dad, Steve and Dawn. I also have a pet shih tzu named Sophie.

What is on your bookshelf or Homescreen: On my home screen I have mostly social media and music apps along with apps for school. At home I do not have many books but the majority of them are either love stories or mysteries.

Favorite Song: "sweetener" by Ariana Grande

Go to comfort food: Any kinds of sweets- cookies, ice cream, brownies, etc.

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: I have always wanted to travel to somewhere in the Caribbean.

Hobbies: dance, hanging with friends, going to the beach, traveling, shopping

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle:  I joined the Cardinal Chronical because I enjoy writing. I thought that this would be a neat experience, as well as getting to know some more of my peers and work together with them. Also, I think that journalism is a great experience for me to get to talk to many different people and know what is going on around me. I would like to write different things on what is going on in not only the high school but the whole district, as well as what is going on in the community.


Hannah Reiter, Staffer

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