Cardinal Chronicle

Kayla Massey
Name: Kayla Massey

Position: Staffer

Class Level: Senior

Age: 17

Family: Parents- Marcy and David Massey Sr., Siblings: Jesse, Frank-David, David, Jr. and Natasha

What is on your bookshelf or Homescreen: facebook, snapchat, instagram

Favorite Song: Love is like a Rodeo by Kane Brown

Go to comfort food: Chinese

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: Paris

Hobbies: going to dirt track racing, swimming

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle:  The reason why I joined Cardinal Chronicle is because I want to get to know more about the people I go to school with,what’s happening in the town that I am living in or what’s going on around me in my community. I also want to get to know more about the school. I also want to get more involved in my school and get involved with people I go to school with.

Kayla Massey, Staffer

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