Cardinal Chronicle

Lindsey Kemmerling
Name: Lindsey Kemmering

Position: Staffer

Class Level: Freshman

Age: 14

Family: Mom: Nichole, Dad: Ted, Stepdad: Mike, Sister: Katie

What is on your bookshelf or Homescreen: Instagram

Favorite Song: "Lights Down Low" by MAX featuring gnash

Go to comfort food: S'mores

Favorite place in Pennsylvania: Hershey

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel: Paris, France

Hobbies: Soccer, band front, photography, writing

Why did you join Cardinal Chronicle:  I joined the Cardinal Chronicle because I really writing and photography. Another reason I joined is because I figure I would try out journalism and reporting. I personally like to be in the know of things in school and I think the Cardinal Chronicle is a great way for not only myself but others to be in the know of what is happening at school. As I stated before, I enjoy writing and photography so I figured the Cardinal Chronicle would be the perfect opportunity to not only show more people my writing but my photography. I am very excited to be on the staff of the Cardinal Chronicle this year and hopefully many more years to come.


Lindsey Kemmerling, Staffer

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