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“We start preparing food for lunch around 8:30 to 9:00am depending on how much food we need that day,” stated Bernie Kelly, the Manager of Metz Culinary Management. Bernie Kelly has been a manager for Metz Culinary Management at Pine Grove Area School District for 5 years. “I enjoy the interactions with the kids,” stated Kelly. “Especially in the Elementary school because they love to tell me about their days and I love hearing them.” 

Data reflects 10 random teachers and 10 random students.

The company that supplies Metz Culinary Management with food is U.S. Foods. Metz Culinary Management is the 13th largest catering company in the country. They also cater to Lebanon Valley College. Most of the school food that is served, is from homemade recipes such as their homemade buffalo chicken dip. Fresh produce is also provided everyday such as fresh peaches, pears, watermelon, and vegetables as well. For a while, all grains and bread products were whole wheat, such as noodles and bread. Now, Metz is trying to keep whole wheat at a certain dietary limit. The noodles are no longer whole wheat. “Mac and Cheese just doesn’t taste as good with whole wheat noodles,” stated Kelly. Metz Foods are trying to improve the school lunches by making them taste better and more cost effective for Pine Grove Area School District. “We never worry about extra food,” stated Kelly, “I want the person in the back of the line, to have the same options as the first.” 

“Most days out of the year I get school lunch because there’s nothing better than a school lunch! A drink, a fruit, and vegetables all for $3!  You can’t beat it,” said Mr. Wessner. Carter Raudabaugh said that his best food is popcorn chicken and he said, “I get it every time it is served.”