Double Overtime Ends in a Tie

Rachel Sarge, Staffer

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“I didn’t think we played a bad game. We need to improve on communication between the players but overall, I was happy with the result.“ state’s head coach, Mark Wylie. In the first half, Pine Grove had a total of 23 shots on goal, while Jim Thorpe only had 19 shots on goal. The first half of the game stayed tight in between both teams, neither team had more time of possession. Pine Grove had 2 corner kicks in the first half and Jim Thorpe had five corner kicks. Pine Grove also had 6 goal kicks and 7 stops by the goalkeeper. Jim Thorpe had 4 goal kicks and 6 stops by the goalkeeper. Then 13 minutes into the game, Pine Grove’s #9, Ethan Hannevig scores. The Cardinals lead the Olympians for the rest of the first half. Jim Thorpe had 5 free kicks and so did Pine Grove. At the end of the first half, the score was Pine Grove 1, Jim Thorpe 0.

In the second half, Pine Grove had 20 shots on goal while Jim Thorpe had 24 shots on goal. Pine Grove had 4 free kicks while Jim Thorpe had 2 free kicks. Both teams had 1 yellow card during the second half. Then, Pine Grove fouled inside the box, resulting in a penalty kick for Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe scores with 14 minutes and 56 seconds left in the second half. Pine Grove had 3 corner kick and Jim Thorpe had 2 corner kicks. After the second half was tied the game went into overtime. In the first overtime, Pine Grove had 2 free kicks. Pine Grove and Jim Thorpe both playing stunning defense resulted in a second overtime. In the second overtime, Jim Thorpe had a corner kick and a free kick while Pine Grove had a goal kick. After the second overtime, the game ended.

In the end, the final score of the game was 1-1. Both teams played well and showed consistent effort but just could not finish. PIne Grove and Jim Thorpe finished with a tie after both scored during the actual game.