Luckenbill Rushes into Football History

Ayden Ney, Staffer

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Running back, Colin Luckenbill, has joined the 1000 Yard Rushing Club.  Incredible feat for a young high school athlete. “I would like to thank the lineman that block their tails off all game to give me this opportunity,” said Luckenbill. Luckenbill is the fourteenth player to achieve 1,000 rushing yards in a season in Pine Grove history.

“I’ve been striving for this goal since my freshman year,” said Luckenbill. “Colin has been working like a mad man as long as I’ve known him.” said Frank Gaffney. With 3 games left in the season, Luckenbill is feeling a little relieved that his goal for his senior year is achieved. Luckenbill wished that Dalton Kintzel got his time 1000 yards in the same game. “This achievement was so shocking for me,” said Luckenbill. Luckenbill was averaging about 150 yards per game and playing 2 games in a week Luckenbill put up 437 yards. 

Pine Grove Area Athletic Director, Scott Dimon, said, “It’s an outstanding individual achievement and a team achievement for the team as well because nothing could be done without the whole team together.” Luckenbill still wants to make a run in District Playoffs. Luckenbill said, “I would love to make Districts and continue playing at a high level. Being in the postseason and competing in the games would be such an accomplishment for me and my team.” The Pine Grove football team is looking to make a deep run the District Playoffs.