Leading With Great Ideas

Arianna Dockey, Staffer

“This year we plan to immerse ourselves more into the community instead of just in the school, we want to give back to the community for all they do and for all the support they have given us,” says Miah Turner, President of Student Council. Going into the school year there are many ideas she has to help improve Student Council. She wants to bring students together, and work on giving back to all those who have helped with Student Council. 

“Being involved and coming together as a whole is the core value of student council.” says Ms. Rogers, co-adviser of Student Council. Her goal as co-adviser is to make this school year more interesting. Ms. Rogers is excited to see the achievements the members of student council will accomplish. Student Council has worked on a few things already this year like dress-code violation day. The Council raised over $250 dollars in proceeds for childhood cancer by incorporating a dress-code violation day into Homecoming’s Spirit Week festivities. Meetings are held every week on Monday mornings to discuss the upcoming events of the school year.

“Currently, we are working on the Semi-Formal Dance; which will be held on November 9th in the gym,” says Mrs. Hughes co-advisor of Student Council. Alongside the semi-formal dance, Council is also looking into conducting other dances throughout the school year. In order for that to happen, Council hopes to get student input on how to make not just dances, but the school year better. Student Council plans to be bigger and better each year.