Offensive Lineman Perform Thankless Task

“The Cardinals Offensive Line is prepared to protect the quarterback Brody Robinson from North Schuylkill’s defense.”

Kolby Geesey, Staffer

One of the most important positions you can play on a football field is being on the offensive linemen. The offensive linemen work hard and do everything possible to allow the offense to run. They work in the trenches and every play they go at it with a defensive player. They also use a lot of techniques that people do not realize is needed to play the offensive line. The offensive line also has to remember a lot of different plays, rules, and types of blocks. The offensive linemen usually do not receive much recognition despite all of the things they do for the football team.

One thing the offensive linemen do that people don’t recognise is the different techniques they use when they are blocking. If the linemen is lined up against a defender and need to block towards a certain side they will need to make a move towards that side whole not letting the defender through. Ayden Ney, a running back for Pine Grove, said, “The linemen are important because they allow me to play my game and get yards for the team. If the linemen didn’t do their job, we would not be able to run any offensive play and would not be able to win.”

Another reason the offensive linemen are extremely important is because they have to protect the quarterback. The linemen have to make sure they do not let the quarterback get sacked or else the offense will not be able to throw the ball. This also could lead to the quarterback having to scramble and possibly take a big hit and turn the ball over or get injured. Keith Koppenhaver, Pine Grove’s strongside guard said, “The linemen are constantly trying their best to make the offense run smoothly and efficiently.” Offensive linemen do not get nearly as much recognition but they definitely deserve it.