Alumni Spotlight: Trisha Kopinetz

Trisha Kopinetz stands in front of her college softball team’s dorm room.

Emily Kopinetz, Social Media Editor

Trisha Kopinetz, Class of 2019, is a freshman at West Chester University. “I really don’t miss the town itself. I miss the people of the town and the things we do in it. Also, I miss my teachers, my friends, and most definitely softball.” Kopinetz grew up in the town of Pine Grove since the day she was born up until she left for college. Kopinetz went into college thinking it was going to be hard, but in the end she liked it. “If it was for academics then maybe I would consider moving schools, but it is not a bad school academically. It’s just I would want to see new places. But if it was for softball then no, I wouldn’t move schools.”
At the age of five, Kopinetz started playing softball. She practiced, played, and went to clinics to help better herself in the sport she loved the most. In 2016, Kopinetz made the Varsity team for the Pine Grove Area Lady Cardinals Softball Team. All her hard work had paid off when she had gotten accepted into West Chester on a scholarship. “College Softball is definitely intense and it can sometimes be awful, but I would not change anything about it because of my great teammates.” Kopinetz loves college softball but she won’t ever forget her high school career. “The coaches and my teammates and just the family feel we had,” says Kopinetz.
Kopinetz’s smarts helped her get accepted into college but she wouldn’t have gotten where she is at today without some help. “My mom and my aunt have been the most influential. My mom because she has always been with me through my ups and downs. My aunt because she has been there for me when I need someone to talk to besides my mom and she always understood me.” Her family not only helped her, but also someone similar to family did. “I would say Jenny Zimmerman because she is basically my second mom and has treated me like one of her own kids. She has been there for me through everything.” Because of all the help Kopinetz had gotten over the years, she is getting her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is also majoring in Pre-Medicine.