What is the Importance of Social Media

Emily Kopinetz, Social Media Editor

In today’s society, we don’t really see a lot of people talking face-to-face, but why? Technology has drastically grown in the US over the last 3 decades. Many kids, teens, and young adults use social media to interact with people around them instead of talking to each other. Older adults use social media to share pictures and keep in touch with far away relatives or friends. Many people use social media in many different ways.

“I use Snapchat, alot, ” says Rachel Sarge, a freshman at Pine Grove Area, “I use it to show people what’s going on in my life and to talk to my friends.” Kolby Geesey, Junior, says, “I enjoy social media because it lets me talk to my friends and it keeps me entertained.” Most kids use social media apps to keep in touch with their friends. Where as older adults use it to share photos of their kids to all of their friends. 

Our generation today is so much different than when our parents or our grandparents were our age. There is so much more technology today than 40 years ago that the older generation doesn’t understand. Sometimes I have to explain some termonology or have to help my parents use an app. Today’s generation has everything they want or need at the touch of a finger. We can find out so much more and so much faster just by using social media. Like definitions, help with homework problems, current events or even funny cat videos. It has helped teens and young adults learn what’s going on around them.